Most of us now recognize the our websites are the hub of all of our marketing and Most of us now recognize that our websites are the hub of all of our marketing and branding efforts. Using one of these turn-key websites that promises things for free or really cheap has some serious downfalls. The truth is, building your website is likely not as complicated or expensive as you may think and you'll still be able to maintain it yourself (if you want to). We will build your website to suit your business needs and to function in the manner you want to use it. feel free to reach out to us to discuss what you're hoping for and have us quote you. It doesn't hurt to see what it would be to do things the right way with Copans Marketing & Promotions.

Graphic Design


All strong brands have one thing in common; good design. There are many of today's famous brands that you see every day and you may think they don't have much of a design because it's so simple, but believe it or not, that is their design. Good graphic design does not mean overly complicated and expensive. It just means that it is something that represents you well and speaks to the right audience. Copans Marketing & Promotions can help you build your brand the right way. We can design your logo, your business cards, brochures, flyers, advertisements, signage and anything you need to build your brand effectively. 





know nothing about marketing. If that is the case, maybe you would like to start with Copans Marketing & Promotions' consulting services. This can be done on the phone or in person. We will talk with you to discuss what you see as your issues and help you plan the best way forward to overcoming them. We can then break everything down into manageable action items to ensure that you get everything you need to achieve your goals.